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tech talent

Amplify your teams with a range of skills, backgrounds and perspectives that will make your company more innovative, stronger and better able to serve your customers.

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We help you create a high-performing tech culture within your business. Blending strategy and inclusivity, we’ll boost your success through progressive tech hiring.




Our aim isn’t just to boost diversity in businesses; we’re working with our clients to help them build a stronger company ethos. Through our comprehensive support, we help companies identify and showcase their values so that they attract a broader talent pool. Ultimately enabling clients to cultivate a more progressive company culture. Here's a selection of the roles we specialise in recruiting for.

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How we

can help


Contract Recruitment

Leveraging our decades of experience in tech, our contract recruitment services offers you several key benefits including quick turnaround time, cost savings, access to a high-quality talent pool, increased flexibility and improved quality of hires. By leveraging our expertise you can easily find and hire the best talent for the job.

RaaS (Recruitment-as-a-Service)

Recommended for high-growth and start-up companies, our RaaS service will promote your company from the ground up. Depending on your growth aspirations, we can provide either in-house or external recruitment specialists, who will champion D&I and grow out your tech arm, whilst engaging your employees and preserving what makes your culture great. This recruitment model is offered on a monthly subscription basis, allowing you to budget effectively whilst meeting your hiring needs.

Company Culture Review

Diversity and inclusion are often overlooked as an important aspect of creating a successful technology culture. It’s essential for businesses to ensure that they have a diverse and inclusive workplace. We offer a comprehensive company culture review service which can help employers assess their needs and develop strategies to create an inclusive and motivating culture that promotes success.

Contingent and Retained Recruitment

The hiring help that you’ve come to know and expect, but with the DNI touch. We’ll work with you to understand your hiring needs and then help you identify the best talent in the tech industry, that meets your objectives and supports your growth.


A Tailored Service


At DNI Talent Solutions, we are passionate about ensuring that our clients are equipped with the best talent that will make a lasting impact on their business. We are highly experienced in the tech recruitment industry, and utilise our technological expertise to ensure that each hire will be successful in their chosen role. We provide a comprehensive and tailored service to ensure that our clients are provided with the best possible candidates and solutions for their technology and digital needs. We’re here to make hiring the best possible tech and digital people easier, and we look forward to working with you.