Meet The Founders: Holly Farmer


I suppose to understand my Why, I need to take you back to little Welsh 7 year old me.

I grew up with a very strong independent working class mother, who not only brought up myself, but my brother and sister as well, and as you can imagine, despite her best efforts, money was very tight.

So from a young age I learnt the value of money, and ultimately that money was an essential part of security, so from the age of 13 I worked.

Whether it was sweeping up hair in salons, serving coffee in cafes or working at NEXT, I grafted.

I put myself through Uni and afterwards heard about recruitment, an industry where, the harder you work the more money you earn, without bias of class or gender (within reason). If you are a hard worker with the right mindset (which I am), then you can succeed.

I took to it, did well and made decent money; however ultimately I still wasn’t happy.

4 years in I began to struggle with my mental and physical health. I became depressed - I was making money so why wasn’t I happy?

Lockdown happened, which left me with very little room to escape from myself, or busy myself with work or social activities, so I began to meditate.

It sounds cheesy, but, I began to go through a spiritual journey, I really reflected on who I am, what motivates me and I discovered that it isn’t money (although it is nice).

Money was a necessity for me, as someone that came from very little, but now that I reached a level of stability, it had lost its meaning for me.

I have always been a person involved in gender, sexuality and race politics, it was actually a topic that I studied at university throughout my literature degree, but the need to earn money, in order to become stable and survive in London, had surpassed my love of fighting for what I believe in.

So here I am now out of survival mode, and in a privileged position where I can finally reflect and give back.

I have met 2 amazing business partners, one who was also sick of the money motivated sales industry that let’s be honest, is recruitment, and wanted to elevate it to another more meaningful level with me.

The other, a founder of a EdTech startup that was fuelled by seeking to bridge the class gap in education, making education accessible to all, not just those that can afford the best tutors, who also has a passion for D&I.

We put our minds together and DNI was born, because D&I is on our DNI. We genuinely want to make a difference in a world that could really use some help.

We are already fluent in tech but thanks to our partners, such as Ambitious About Autism, Coding Black Females, JumpStart, (and many more to come), we are able to become leaders in all aspect of D&I and hopefully make a difference, which is what we strive to do each day, no matter how small.

My Why, is quite simply to make the world a little bit better in an area that I specialise, for people that need a platform: be it through class, gender, race, sexuality, mental/physical disability….

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