The Post-Covid Commute

Hi everyone!


Today I'm going to be commuting into Manchester to see my co-founder Jen 😊


I am currently working with a lot of candidates based outside of London that are now accepting London based roles because they only need to commute into London like one or two days week given the widespread adoption of remote working.


However, they haven't actually had to do it yet because of Covid. Now restrictions are lifting they are feeling really anxious about the journey because they don't know what to expect and they don't know what the commute will be like.


So, as I am doing the commute myself, on a little road trip today, I thought I would document it, so that anyone reading doesn’t have to feel anxious about it and you can hear what the commute is like.


*The station”


So, I've just arrived at Euston train station. I've got my mask on, as has everybody else around me.


In fact, I can't see a single person that hasn't got a mask on. There are hand sanitation stations everywhere… I've sanitised my hands three times already.


Also, bearing in mind that I'm in primetime commuter traffic the train is pretty empty. So lots of social distancing going on.


*The Train*


So, I'm officially on the train. Now, it's about to leave to go to Manchester and I’ve got my mask on, as has everybody else.


It's again, basically empty and because there's no one around, you get a nice table seat yourself.


Also got to do some work on route, so all-in-all the post-Covid commute gets a thumbs up from me!


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