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Your diversity is your strength; your unique background, experiences and perspectives, are an unrivalled source of innovation and problem-solving. Step-forward and reach your full potential.

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At DNI Talent Solutions, we’ll always do our best to match you with opportunities that make the most of your experience and will only add more strings to your bow.

Our Expertise

Looking for your next career move or simply scouring the job market? We are here to listen to what motivates you and to understand your long term career objectives, we will advise and support you on how you can achieve them.

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How we

can help


CV Skills and Interview practice

Our team is able to provide advice to make sure your CV stands out. We can help to tailor your CV to the industry, job description and individual requirements. Our team will give you constructive feedback and guidance so you can create the best possible CV for your job search. Then once you've secured that all important interview we'll help you prepare with tailored interview advice, tips, mock interviews and feedback. This boosts your confidence and adds to your chances of success.

Tech Upskilling Advice and Support

If you want to obtain the latest skills for the digital age, then we can support you to obtain the relevant skills and qualifications you need to be successful in the job market. Our advice can help you to identify the digital or IT skills relevant to your specialism or industry, so that you're fully equipped for the role of your dreams.

Career Coaching & Guidance

Whether you are looking to develop yourself professionally or make a career change, our Career Coaching & Guidance can help. We provide tailored advice and support to help you explore the opportunities and reach your full potential. We will work to support you in areas such as goal setting, time management, workload planning and motivation. We can also provide guidance on career pathways, helping you to get the best out of any job opportunity.

Job Finder

Job Finder helps you find the job you want. We provide an extensive range of expert advice and services to help you get the job of your dreams. There’s no need to worry about finding the right job for you – with our experience at your side, you’ll find it in no time.

Here's a sample of the types of roles that we specialise in recruiting for.


We are focused on

your future


Our approach is simple - we get to know you and we match you with opportunities that will unleash your full potential.  

We understand the importance of job satisfaction and we have the unrivalled knowledge, connections and advice to help you reach your goals. We encourage the exploration of new possibilities and we will be there to chat you through every possible option. We believe in bold, brave decision making and we want the best for you.

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