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Landing the Perfect Tech Job: a Guide to Creating a Winning CV

One of the most important elements of your job search is your CV. It’s the first thing a potential employer will look at, so you want it to be perfect. So, what can you do to make your CV stand out in the tech job market? In this guide we explore how to create a winning CV

Jennifer Jackson
Jul 28, 2023

Reflections on the 2023 Diversity in Tech report by Wiley Edge

In recent years, top tech companies have announced various initiatives to promote and increase workplace diversity among their employees, but progress has been slow. This blog will discuss the current status of diversity in tech, the challenges facing it, and strategies for improving the landscape.

Dominic Daymond
Jul 28, 2023

The Power of Harnessing Diversity and Inclusion in Tech Recruitment

In this article, we'll explore the need for diversity and inclusion in tech recruitment, examine the key benefits of harnessing these practices, and discuss how to power tech recruitment with a focus on diversity and inclusion.

Dominic Daymond
Jul 26, 2023

Diversity and Inclusion in the Colorado Tech Industry

In this blog, we’ll cover the benefits of promoting D&I in the Colorado tech industry, the current initiatives, the challenges that still exist, and strategies for promoting D&I moving forward.

Dominic Daymond
Jul 24, 2023

Interviewing Female CEOs: Bobbi Trehan-Young

In honour of International Women’s Day and inspired by Invisible Women, Holly explores why there is a shortage of female CEOs through a series of interviews.

Holly Farmer
Mar 7, 2022

How to Build Out a Recruitment Process For Your Startup

Recruiting well should be a priority for any leader, whether you choose to outsource it or do it yourself. If you do go with the latter though, you need the knowledge to do it properly...

Bode Bamkole
Dec 30, 2021

What is Recruitment-as-a-Service (RaaS)?

Recruitment-as-a-Service is a fundamental change to scaling teams, combining the best things from agencies with the best things from internal recruitment teams...

Bode Bamkole
Dec 30, 2021

It Takes a Village: The Importance of Community

Last month, I had the pleasure of attending UK Black Business Week, where I was able to take in a lifelong lesson around that the importance of community & collaboration.

Bode Bamkole
Nov 16, 2021

Creating Autism-Inclusive Work Environments with David Crisp

Interactive Q&A with David Crisp, who is a renowned autism trainer and speaker, health and social care trainer and autism needs assessor.

Holly Farmer
Nov 15, 2021

How ESG Reporting Drives D&I

ESG and D&I are vital tools for attracting future talent that directly affects the business’s growth.

Bode Bamkole
Nov 10, 2021

No Plan B! - Magdalene Adenaike FRSA

The CEO of Music Relief Foundation has over ten years' experience running a youth charity and making changes in people's lives...

Holly Farmer
Oct 7, 2021

ERP vs CPM Systems: The Washing Machine

As technology becomes increasingly relevant for finance departments, the terms "ERP", "BI" and "CPM/EPM" are getting thrown about more and more.

Bode Bamkole
Aug 24, 2021